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This shouldn't be difficult, complex, nor stressful. Walk with me; let me communicate how easy it can be.

-NO confusing multi-package decisions & comparisons.

-NO additional fees to add  "this," "that," or "the other thing."

-YES, your only decision point is TIME.


$25 per session (30 min cap) & five full resolution images (poses/looks) with a Copywrite release -that's right, they're yours :). This is our base. Multiply the base for an extended session time. Additional photos with full rights can be purchased a la carte style for five dollars each. You will have a preview album for review on our galleries page that will contain all images. An average base session yields 10-15 images. Zero limitations to people, outfits, or locations.

There are print purchase options; however, we have learned many prefer to have that control, and we support that with the digital download option. 

The session fee is paid before or at the time of the shoot. When your images are processed & uploaded to your private gallery, you'll be given a password for access & approval. You'll then have the opportunity to pick the top five you'd like & I will electronically distribute them to you. From that point forward, your gallery will continue to exist publicly & you can purchase additional images at any time if you should choose. 

Event coverage

$25 per hour, in which you can expect 15-20 images per hour. Feel free to reach out with questions. Events with a high probability of photo purchases afterward will not incur any charge for the event coverage. This determination is made by a CLDNA representative based on historical experiences.

The term "event" is quite a loaded term as it can have many meanings, & customer expectations can vary.  A "blanket charge" is difficult to communicate logically. We understand this. The best course of action is to reach out and communicate what your event is & your expectations of coverage. We'll develop a sound understanding and communicate if the pricing mentioned above is appropriate through this dialogue. There is flexibility; let's discuss. 

**At this time, we are only covering weddings in a secondary capacity. This will change in due time as we duplicate & triplicate certain pieces of equipment.

Product / Still-life Photography

$25 per hour, and the client will receive ALL images

We will travel for a fee of .60 per mile round trip outside of the Rhinelander, WI area.

Image editing

Do you have a full schedule and seem to run short on time to dedicate towards editing? No problem. We would be happy to help.  Reduce your stress and continue shooting! We will perform the "basics" in post-processing and return them to you ready for customer presentation. We can transfer files through whichever platform/host you choose, i.e., dropbox. Our fee is .25 per image. 

Graphic design

Stickers, labels, lettering, die-cut, & general vinyl production. We will do “one-off” creations; in fact, we encourage it. We will also reproduce decals & designs that already exist provided they are not trademarked by someone else; yes, we're connected to the USPTO.  Minimum $20 art fee for extensive design creation; we'll discuss before the work beginning. Have an idea? Let’s talk- let’s create!   

Once designs are complete and meet your satisfaction, you will receive all associated files to include size scalable files. Meaning you will have graphics that you could print on a business card and then stretch to billboard size with zero loss in image quality.  With these files, you will have the flexibility to take them to any product developer to utilize in creating the product you're looking for.   

Interested in decals we've already created? 

Check out our decal shop! ←Click me!

Call/text 715 360 7467 or email chrisleedna@gmail.com

**ALL images and graphics are backed up quadruplicate and will be available for life.**

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out at any time. We are a fairly open book and are always willing to discuss concerns or ideas to reach your photographic or graphic needs.  The only "crazy idea" is one not spoken.  Besides the tiger pits, that was one crazy idea that we'd only try one or two more times. ;)

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