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Q ~ What is your turnaround time?

  • A ~ ASAP There are too many variables to address all circumstances for all services we provide; however, we can ASSURE you we find sleep is a crutch. You are dealing with individuals that find anything less than 110% customer satisfaction unacceptable. Average turnaround times reside at a week or less.

Q ~ My computer crashed, the dog ate my thumb drive, and I accidentally deleted my   

            files.  (photos or graphics) Is there any way I could get additional copies?

  • A ~ We back up EVERYTHING in quadruplicate. Unless Armageddon happens, we will always have your files or photos. Of course, you can. NOTE: the requestor's information (name, email, phone#, etc.) is reconciled against the original invoice. The information must match for privacy & security reasons.

Q ~ A vendor I visited won't print my photo because they don't believe it's mine. 

      What can I do? 

  • A ~ If you have lost your photo release from us, we will produce another for you. This will allow you to have your photos printed.

Q ~ I have this graphic / decal/design I took a photo of on my phone. Can you create it?

  • A ~ Most likely- yes, but we'd need to see it first. Please shoot us an email/message! Most of our designs start with a thought or a picture of a picture. 100% of our graphics are redrawn as an original design. NOTE: we verify trademark/copywrites on all requests. Not to fear; however, learning what ISN'T trademarked or copyrighted would be more surprising. It never hurts to ask.

Q ~ My logo has been resized repeatedly, and like all overused images, it has lost its original crisp quality. Can you redevelop it? 

  • A ~ YES. Correspond with us, and we will give you a development quote. Once the "base" is composed, we can adjust small details to fine-tune it if the need should arise after your review at no additional charge. Once complete, you can download multiple file types of your logo for several uses, from administrative purposes to creating a billboard. It will be the last logo you'll need to develop.

Q ~ How large of a vinyl graphic can you create?

  • A ~ 22.9" wide x forever (technically 82')  in standard cut vinyl (non-printed)

  • A ~ up to 58" wide x forever in printed vinyl with lamination

Q ~ What is the difference between Die cut, Kiss cut, and transfer cut?

Q ~ Can your vinyl survive adverse weather?

  • A ~ ALL of our vinyl is outdoor rated 6-9 years; we no longer stock indoor vinyl. Tsunamis might pose a challenge, but we like our chances. We do have options of even greater resilience available via special order.  When we consult with you, we will provide a pallet of color options and types to aid your decision process.

Q ~ What is the best size for a banner to ensure it can be read at a distance?

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