55" Custom Windshield Car or Truck Banner | UV protected vinyl cut decal

55" Custom Windshield Car or Truck Banner | UV protected vinyl cut decal


Custom Windshield Car or Truck Banner | UV protected vinyl cut decal 55" x 14"


Options, options, options!
✔️Select your banner finish (Banner Blank: solid color Sunvisor-no design, Banner Silhouette: your text cut into the banner blank as shown in the pictures, Banner Text: Text only banner

✔️Select your color choice
✔️Select your font (reference photos) and enter it below
    "I don't like your fonts!" Fair enough; visit www.1001fonts.com and find the one that appeals to you. Enter its name below & we'll acquire it. (it must be a free font) Additionally, it must be a solid-state/solid color font. No perforated, brush-stroked, or similar fonts. Unsure? email us an example. chrisleedna@gmail.com.
✔️Enter your text below
✔️Enter your preferred text height (if you don't want us to maximize the space and would like smaller text)(The text-only banner option can have a maximum of 12" tall letters provided the length of your text fits proportionately)
    •We will work with you if your text is pushing spacial limits and send you a proof if any aesthetics are in question. 
✔️Enter your measurement between the TOP corners of your windshield, and round DOWN to the nearest inch. (this is the most narrow part, we utilize this measurement to ensure we maximize            the use of space without going beyond your vehicle parameters)



How do I install this? I've never done this before.
•Instructional video HERE, CLICK ME!!


Do you have any additional tips?
•Install in the shade or garage; a COOL/COLD windshield is your friend
•Two people are very beneficial but not 100% necessary
•Measure placement and use masking tape pieces as markers for the center, left dropdown, and right dropdown
•Compensate for the windshield bow/dip by running a string between the top windshield corners and measuring from the windshield center GLASS up to the string. This will be your offset. Example: You measure 8" down the left & right pillars because you want an 8" banner.  You then measure 3" from center glass up to your string.  This will result in an 8" banner thickness on the sides that taper to a 5" banner in the center of your windshield because of the 3" offset windshield bow/dip. 
•Use SOAPY WATER liberally!! Spray your CLEAN windshield AND the back of your banner. The only downfall to excess water is a longer dry time. Not having enough water results in a decal that dries & sticks too quickly, which is unrecoverable/trash.
  2-4 drops of BABY SOAP (fewer chemicals) in a standard squirt bottle is fine. It is not an exact science; the soap enables sliding/positioning more efficiently than water itself; too much soap will make it challenging to keep the graphic stable. But it will not ruin the graphic; you will have to wait longer to let the graphic set up more.
•Once you've squeegeed out all of the water, leave it alone for AT LEAST 30 minutes to set up  BEFORE removing the transfer paper. You're excited; I get it but DO NOT RUSH THIS.
•Remove the transfer paper by pushing & pulling it parallel to the banner. DO NOT pull up at any angle; it will lift your banner off of the glass if you do this. 

•Refrain from wiper use or touch car washes for four days minimum once complete

•Deliberately park in the sun once complete to aid in curing 


14" is way too thick! Why!?
•Your windshield is trapezoid in shape with a center dip. On a majority of cars if you lay the banner perfectly covering each of the top windshield corners, you will have a 10" banner height in the center of the windshield due to that center dip. We've seen variances range from 3" to 4.5". KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN YOU MEASURE. 10" down the left and right pillars WILL NOT result in a 10" banner in the center. Additionally, we wanted to allow some room for error. If you're using enough soapy water you'll have more than one shot at installing the banner the way you'd like. EVERY time you pull up the banner from the glass to reposition SPRAY MORE WATER on the glass AND the banner.
•If you're selecting the Banner Silhouette option, we do not cut above 10" for the above reasoning


More questions?
•Email us at chrisleedna@gmail.com
•We are responsive & we want you happy & confident with our product!


🚩Download the FAQ/tip sheet above HERE! 


The item is cut from quality Oracal vinyl, one of the industry's most trusted and reputable brands, with an average life span of seven years outdoors.
Note: Chrome's lifespan is estimated at two years.

Alternate sizing is possible by request.  Communicate with me & I will accommodate your request by altering the listing for you.  


** allow .25" tolerance on all sizing