Cut file development Roland | Graphtec | Silhouette | Cricut| Laser |  CNC

Cut file development Roland | Graphtec | Silhouette | Cricut| Laser | CNC


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  1. Email or message us an example of your image. Not all images are equal; intricate designs require additional time that may add a multiplier to the tiered fees.
  2. Chose your preference (standard, contour, or contour w/bleed) after we've viewed your image.
  3. Personalization box: Enter your bleed color or N/A if it doesn't apply along with an image title
  4. Check out as you normally would shopping online. (note your order number)
  5. Upload your high-resolution image on our vector page HERE & type your image title and or order number in the text box. Feel free to include any additional details. You can also email us HERE if you prefer.  High resolution is preferred but not necessary; blurry & pixelated images result in inaccurate cut-lines. We hand draw lines very well however, the provided image impacts the final product. Keep that in mind. 


♦️Once complete, your product will appear HERE on our vector page, reflecting your image title & order # for download. You will "purchase" for $0 and be sent a download link. We can, and will, simplify the process and email you the files as well if you'd prefer.


Expectation management

  • Same-day turnaround time Sunday-Friday provided orders are placed prior to 7 pm.  Any delays beyond these parameters will be annotated at the top of this product description.
  • You will receive (1EA): .eps, .svg, .dxf, .pdf, and a .png
  • Your image will not be vectorized entirely, it will remain in the format you sent to us with added cut lines saved in a vector format.
  • We can vectorize your image. Request this service and we'll quote you a price. You'll then select the appropriate design fee from our design fee product on our vector page HERE. For reference, most solid color high-resolution images can be done in less than 30 minutes.


Product Definitions

  1. Standard-cut lines: Distinct border around your image when cut. Reference standard stickers with white borders.
  2. Contour-cut lines:  Cut lines follow the contour of your image/graphic. This eliminates the border created with standard-cut lines ⚠️IF your equipment is calibrated correctly.⚠️
  3. Countour-cut lines with bleed: Contour cut lines with a bleed color of your choosing. This ensures ZERO vinyl/substrate color will show after the cut if there's any doubt in your plotter's calibration.

     ⚠️If the image doesn't meet or exceed 1000x1000 pixels- it's low resolution.  (Right-click, details, and scroll down)

🔊 We can work on any graphic  & meet your expectations.  Some image types require more time and thus require an elevated expense.


🤔Do you have additional graphic requirements? Email us! We'll collaborate with you and provide solutions.  Communication is free- let's talk!