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This shouldn't be difficult, complex, or stressful. Walk with me; let me communicate how easy it can be.


-NO confusing multi-package decisions & comparisons.

-NO additional fees to add "this," "that," or "the other thing."

-YES, your only decision point is TIME and product quantity.

Graphic design - $18 per hour

Have an idea? Or have an existing design you'd like digitized? Let's talk!  We will convert your raster files into high-quality fully scalable vectors for use on banners, vehicle wraps, screenprinting, t-shirts, embroidery, signage, business cards, architectural lettering, vinyl cutting/HTV, and CAD/routers. No more "jaggies", pixelation, and poor-quality logos. 

Email or text us at 715.360.7467; send your image or idea & we'll quote you on the spot. Time of day does not matter, communication lines are always "open" free of charge. If you find the quote acceptable head here or here, select the "design fee" product, and purchase 50% of your quote; this will begin our work on your request. Please include the naming convention of your design within the notes.


We will also reproduce decals & designs that exist, provided they are not trademarked by someone else; yes, we're connected to the USPTO.  We'll discuss the minimum $18 art fee for extensive design creation before the work begins. Design complexity & future use by CLDNA will dictate if a design fee will apply.

 Once designs are complete and meet your satisfaction, you will download all associated files to include scalable size files from our client's page after the remaining 50% of the quoted fee is paid. Meaning you will have graphics that you could print on a business card and then stretch to billboard size with zero loss in image quality.  With these files, you will have the flexibility to take them to any product developer to utilize in creating any product you're looking for. 

One graphic with 1000 uses!

 Interested in decals we've already created?

Check out our vinyl shop!

Turn around time for design and editing? 

Fast. Efficiency while exemplifying quality are key priorities.  


We do not like our time wasted and couldn't fathom wasting yours.

Image editing - $.25 per image

Do you have a full schedule and seem to run short on time to dedicate towards editing? No problem. We would be happy to help.  Reduce your stress and continue shooting! We will perform the "basics" in post-processing and return them to you, ready for customer presentation. We can transfer files through whichever platform/host you choose, i.e., dropbox. Our fee is .25 per image. 

Image editing / altering /manipulating will fall in line with our design fee criteria. We receive many requests to manipulate images for practical or humorous purposes and are happy to do so. We will quote you a fee to fulfill your request and if it is acceptable to you, you can remit 50% payment of the supplied quote here or here by selecting the "design fee" product. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion. We will upload your image here for download or we can email it to you.

Please email us your image along with your manipulation request.  We will need to preview this on a large screen to quote you accurately. 


Portraiture - $25 per session

$25 per session (30 min cap) & five full resolution images (poses/looks) with a Copywrite release -that's right, they're yours :). This is our base; multiply the base for an extended session time. We don't hold a stopwatch; we're reasonable. Quality & variety are the standards. We work to standard not to time.


You will have a password-protected preview album for review on our client's page that will contain all images after the shoot. An average base session yields 10-15 images—zero limitations to people, pets, outfits, or locations. This is about you; we're only here to capture it.

You will be able to review all images from the shoot.  Once your top five are selected and communicated back to us, your gallery will be open for full resolution download. Additional photos can be purchased a la carte style afterward, and you will have full rights and a release to all purchased images.

There are print purchase options; however, we have learned many prefer to have that control, and we support that with the digital download option.  However, if you do not want to pursue printing on your own, we will accommodate.



Event coverage - $18 per hour or FREE

We will cover any event aside from weddings as the primary photographer.  We will happily fulfill second shooter roles, however.

 Feel free to reach out with questions. Events with a high probability of photo purchases afterward will not incur any charge for the event coverage. This determination is made by a CLDNA representative based on historical experiences with events similar to yours.

The best course of action is to reach out and communicate what your event is & your expectations of coverage. Through this dialogue, we'll develop a mutual understanding and communicate if the pricing mentioned above is appropriate. There is flexibility; let's discuss. 

Product / Still-life Photography – $18 per hour

$18 per hour, and the client will receive ALL images

Editing fee for all photography session types - $0 per hour

We will travel for a fee of .60 per mile round trip outside the Rhinelander, WI area.

**ALL images and graphics are backed up in triplicate fashion and available for life.**

~Note~ We've taken an assignment relocating us to southern Wisconsin until late 2022. We will periodically return to the Northwoods; however, we anticipate session/event booking challenges. With that said, it never hurts to send us a message & inquire; logistics just might work out. We are an engineer at heart; where there's a will there's a way.

We apologize for the inconvenience & appreciate your patience.

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